Campaign: Say No to Blog Blocking

The web is always stoked and haunted by various kind of people. There is a huge trend that many people are following and it is called trolling. Internet trolls are the worst thing that can happen to your blog but unfortunately, there is no way to stop them. They have one simple job, to prowl blogs with all their might. The truth is, if too many trolls come spamming your blog, it might lead to blog blocking.


Many people rely on Google to find what they need when they need it but in case that your blog is swarming with trolls, that same Google will block your blog. Now, the question is why would Google want to block a blog. The answer might be simply because blogs know how to find a way to get plenty of free traffic without using Google for it and therefore, Google will block blogs and bloggers. Blogs don’t use Google ads which bring money to Google.

Instead, they generate their own content that gets easily found and read and they use their own search engine optimization options so they actually don’t need Google at all. Because of that, Google literally waged war on blogs and bloggers, blocking them on every corner of the Internet. Basically, blog blocking happens because Google doesn’t want blogs to use their services without paying a dime for it.

The campaign might help

That is exactly what blogs do, they use all the services Google provides but without paying for it. So, to get back on bloggers for that, Google stopped what was an extremely valuable information to bloggers. If you want your blog to appear on the first pages of Google search, you need to know what those who want to visit your blog are searching in order to get to your blog.

That is how you use search engine optimization for your blog, to increase your reach. Well, now you can’t do that anymore since Google has decided to stop providing the information necessary for you to know. This has devastating consequences for all bloggers because they have lost their ability to fine-tune their content and increase their organic reach. That is why there is an ongoing campaign on the net right now under the name Say No to Blog Blocking. Bloggers from all over the world are furious because their blogs are completely shut off.