iPhone 10 – The best features

Apple really did it this time with the latest edition of iPhone. iPhone X also known as emoji animating, face scanning phone is out and conquering the hearts of smartphone lovers with lightning speed. It is a known fact that Apple has managed to take the world by storm by releasing iPhone but their latest innovation is quite a useful and funny toy.

The latest seems to be the greatest judging by the reactions of people who already bought it. Now, we all know that iPhone is all about innovations so the X edition is no different. In fact, this is one of the very first iPhone handsets that replaced the good ol’ home button with on-screen gestures and swipes. There is also the innovation of facial scanning with finger sensing, swapping TouchID feature, for some extra protection.

Since there is no home button, everything is motion, gesture and swipe. Even though it may seem complicated, it is not and actually, it is absolutely easy to get around. Everything that you don’t need in the moment or you want to resume later can be easily controlled by the App Switcher. By simply swiping to the bottom of the screen and holding, you will be able to feel a slight vibration and the app switcher will appear.

Your phone works for you

Now, one important thing is that opened apps don’t drain the battery but opening them does. It is better to resume from standby than to open afresh. Squeeze the right side button and you will wake Siri up. Ask any question that comes to your mind.  Here comes the interesting part. It is now possible to use your iPhone X to pay. By activating Apple Pay with a good ol’ double tap, you can now pay with your phone. All it takes is to register your debit or credit card and you are good to go. Use Wallet app for registration.

Iphone x

There is a quite a collection of widgets and shortcuts that can come ultra handy when needed, and some apps that we personally recommend such as Download Ignition App and TutuApp Installer. That collection is also known as Control Center and you can get it in control and program the phone to do and appear how you want it. You can play with the options and arrange the appearance and functions the way you see fit. If you want to save on battery, simply fully power it down.